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if only i could get paid to browse auctions… skyline wagon..yeah i love this model..i beleive it was nicknamed the datsun ‘makes me want to sell my silvia alot’ b122 im really loving this style of rim lately, these would be heroic on a jzx100/110 i reckon..18×10+43 though…spacers etc albeit comparitively mild…for $20,000 AUD id […]

no joke


almost 2 years ago, i saw pictures of c&y’s then brand new 2jz hakosuka surface on kultivate blog lost. my. shit. it was about as awesome and ridiculous a car can get. rare and exotic body, insane engine, awesome workshop. cut to last night when i was browsing auctions for sexy kenmeri’s, and […]

fml. forgot to check up om a pair of 15×8.5-20 ssr mk1’s i was keeping an eye on…sold for only 18,000 yen! 😦 reminds me of the time i forgot to bid on these 15×9-13 (5 stud!!!) longchamps  could have had them for 27,000 yen 😦 then there was the pair of 15×9-27 5 stud […]



wheel. possibly the widest one ive seen, with a 16.5″ diameter, and a width of 20″. ok so technically its not a wheel, its a table. and my google’s translator leaves alot up to the imagination so im pretty certain it never was an actual wheel, though the price of 200,000 yen might beg to […]

well i have a slight  addiction to auctions. im always so stoked to see some awesome car part ive never seen before/always wanted/just makes me go “siiiiick!”, sort of like hearing some awesome song for the first time i guess. spent a lovely morning browsing the 2473 listings for ‘sheets’, specifically the ‘other’ category. […]