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browsing the auctions, came across magazines that i guess would have been issued at car dealerships around japan in the late 80s/early 90s.

some pretty bloody cool stuff in there..and i thort my center console cupholders were rare!




so the other nite we made the 45min trek to tippys pizza in search of the infamous “titanic pizza”.

$35, probly about 60cm diameter…tasted pretty dam average. i got through 2 slices (of the 12 there)

box, ticked.

so kuroi’s death shocked alot of people. i think one of the main reasons it had such an effect is that within the sport and community’s  of drift around the world (or atleast for myself), is that nothing really that bad had actually happenned in its history. sure there have been some bad moments,  but nothing like the death of such an icon. i cant think of any other really ‘negative’ moments in drifting. i think ueo leaving his ae86 and the d1 altogether got me a bit upset, but kuroi’s death has just shocked the shit out of me

so heres just some anonymous photos i stumbled upon whilst on random jap car sites/blogs

this is one of my favourite onevias of all time..and its mainly due to the colour scheme. i fucking love grey, its my favourite colour..and then all the little red and yellow highlights are a great contrast. i really dig the canards and vents everywhere too.


had a small family holiday a couple of weeks back down in margs. was amazing.

took down my zenit and some black and white film and only just got the film developed.

quite happy with some of them, keen to get my second roll developed though

no joke


almost 2 years ago, i saw pictures of c&y’s then brand new 2jz hakosuka surface on kultivate blog http://kultivate.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/cy-sports-hakosuka/

lost. my. shit.

it was about as awesome and ridiculous a car can get. rare and exotic body, insane engine, awesome workshop.

cut to last night when i was browsing yahoo.jp auctions for sexy kenmeri’s, and this title popped up :

“Hakosukaenjinsuwappufuruchun sell!”

seemed pretty intense.

when i clicked on it i was stopped dead by this image:

its for fucking sale!!!!!!

yeah so still cant get over this. 900hp 2j hajosuka built by c&y sports for just over AUD$30k