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so i saw a video of a swedish drag racing meet from the 1970s on some website (sadly, i forget which one – it was awesome) and thus promted the youtube search “vintage burnouts” Advertisements

lazyness, job


lol been so lazy lately, too much going on. got new job at mates restaurant, restaurant closed down. girlfriend moved in, then moved back home. started uni again, quit uni. got new job at an amazing place, loving it is i actually studied it in my design course last year. its hard to describe […]



so the other nite we made the 45min trek to tippys pizza in search of the infamous “titanic pizza”. $35, probly about 60cm diameter…tasted pretty dam average. i got through 2 slices (of the 12 there) box, ticked.



have very little understanding of who the jokers were/are but from the following pictures im pretty sure they are my new heros i no ay

hmm. ran out of things to do today so i thort id finally get round to starting a blog. probably cars, design, coffee, photography, music, and all the other cool things that happen in the day to day life of myself. and almost certainly amber will get a mention or two.                                               : )