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boxing day


went up to yanchep, to yeti’s place drinks happened, cricket followed smiles occured lazyness  played a major role food was eaten coats were worn and drinks continued to get drunk Advertisements

at christmas, drinks were drunk.

trying to push car + flat tyre + in gear + 35 degree day + concrete + old volleys =



so some lady came through work today and gave us all a very large box of assorted fun size chocolates. i took some of my share and made a megazord bar its a combination of the following cadbury bars – boost – dream – crunchie – picnic – time out – dairy milk – moro […]

these shots were actually from a few weeks ago when i went to matts house for the night. one of many nights of removing ourselves from reality, loud music, lots of food, video games, and anything highly entertaining i dreww this guy around a joint i was rolling. he knows whatsup now as far as dominoes […]

last night,at my local park, about 30 seconds walk from my house, there was a free open-air concert. a cliff richard/rolling stones tribute band played…..they went off! got down there just at sunset, went for a walk and got some pizza. $15 of woodfired goodness noticed the yahava van, the lady working there comes through […]

lake picnic


picnics are great, but today i had one whilst in post-epic-beach-morning-relaxed-loving-life mode. 4 avocados for $2, bought! the animals came out to play what a lovely lunch. made me feel like a retiree, just kickin back n stuff