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if only i could get paid to browse auctions… skyline wagon..yeah i love this model..i beleive it was nicknamed the datsun ‘makes me want to sell my silvia alot’ b122 im really loving this style of rim lately, these would be heroic on a jzx100/110 i reckon..18×10+43 though…spacers etc albeit comparitively mild…for $20,000 AUD id […]

18/19 stagger


this quote of haraguchi’s, is taken from feb 2009 issue of drift tengoku: “last year [2008] it was pretty popular to have drift cars with 18s up front, 19 in the back” these pictures were from 2004 doriten, wot a mad cunt! considering the mixed yet mainly negative views on 18/19 people have nowadays, wonder […]

well following what happened, i never ended up getting engineering done. it seemed like to big of a headfuck as there was no solid information availiable about it. it could have costed $200 – $4000, shitness. but the icing on the cake was the fact that the DPI had just brought in a law which stated […]

s13 options


  browsing the auctions, came across magazines that i guess would have been issued at car dealerships around japan in the late 80s/early 90s. some pretty bloody cool stuff in there..and i thort my center console cupholders were rare!

so kuroi’s death shocked alot of people. i think one of the main reasons it had such an effect is that within the sport and community’s  of drift around the world (or atleast for myself), is that nothing really that bad had actually happenned in its history. sure there have been some bad moments,  but nothing like the death of […]

this is one of my favourite onevias of all time..and its mainly due to the colour scheme. i fucking love grey, its my favourite colour..and then all the little red and yellow highlights are a great contrast. i really dig the canards and vents everywhere too.

no joke


almost 2 years ago, i saw pictures of c&y’s then brand new 2jz hakosuka surface on kultivate blog lost. my. shit. it was about as awesome and ridiculous a car can get. rare and exotic body, insane engine, awesome workshop. cut to last night when i was browsing auctions for sexy kenmeri’s, and […]