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if only i could get paid to browse auctions… skyline wagon..yeah i love this model..i beleive it was nicknamed the datsun ‘makes me want to sell my silvia alot’ b122 im really loving this style of rim lately, these would be heroic on a jzx100/110 i reckon..18×10+43 though…spacers etc albeit comparitively mild…for $20,000 AUD id […]

so i saw a video of a swedish drag racing meet from the 1970s on some website (sadly, i forget which one – it was awesome) and thus promted the youtube search “vintage burnouts”

18/19 stagger


this quote of haraguchi’s, is taken from feb 2009 issue of drift tengoku: “last year [2008] it was pretty popular to have drift cars with 18s up front, 19 in the back” these pictures were from 2004 doriten, wot a mad cunt! considering the mixed yet mainly negative views on 18/19 people have nowadays, wonder […]

lazyness, job


lol been so lazy lately, too much going on. got new job at mates restaurant, restaurant closed down. girlfriend moved in, then moved back home. started uni again, quit uni. got new job at an amazing place, loving it is i actually studied it in my design course last year. its hard to describe […]