my car, 1.5 years on


well following what happened, i never ended up getting engineering done. it seemed like to big of a headfuck as there was no solid information availiable about it. it could have costed $200 – $4000, shitness.

but the icing on the cake was the fact that the DPI had just brought in a law which stated any car being inspected that ‘appears to have engine/modifications ‘ will have to go through this bullshit emmissions test – the IM240. brand new, completely stock cars failed this test. it costs a shitload (even if u dont pass) government didnt pay for shit (even though they said they would build a facility for tests like these)….long story short it was complete cuntshit that was actually scrapped because they brought it in without thinking about it..

so in june 09 i pussied out and bought an sr20

it was an s14 sr20 already in an s13 front cut, heavy duty clutch and some other small shit.

i really wanted to have a crack at putting it in, but had no space to do it, so i payed some guy who does cashies like $500 to put it in i think. t

hen for some reason it  has taken me up until a couple of weeks ago to actually send it of to the tuners to get properly wired up and running haha.

so the last few weeks ive been doing things like wiring up my speedo, tacho, changing the plugs, getting stock diff etc etc etc to get it ready to be relicenced. kind of enjoying it too, havent worked on my car like this since back in december 08


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