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no joke


almost 2 years ago, i saw pictures of c&y’s then brand new 2jz hakosuka surface on kultivate blog lost. my. shit. it was about as awesome and ridiculous a car can get. rare and exotic body, insane engine, awesome workshop. cut to last night when i was browsing auctions for sexy kenmeri’s, and […]

so a short while ago i realised that dubai/qatar/iran/uae dudes have one of the/if not best car cultures in the world. and im not even talking about the supercar and exotic scene. sand niggas. alot of ppl have seen this vid. at first i was like woah thats pretty crazy. but then i thought about […]

shin cutter


full aero palace type 4 kit for 180sx such an agressive kit. hated it at first.. but that front on photo has been getting me pretty hard lately

fucking dumped


i love how a picture like this can make me want a car so bad having never even considered them previously datto 620 ute 1959 buick



have very little understanding of who the jokers were/are but from the following pictures im pretty sure they are my new heros i no ay

Chou Saisoku!


so apparently Tamsoft released a game a few years ago called Chou Saisuko! King BU no BU. long story short its a japanese game about racing and modifying cars with a bosozoku/zokusha style. “In this simple racer, you use your Zokusha vehicle against nation-wide rivals. You can tune and dress up your car with mufflers, bonnets and […]