another night in


these shots were actually from a few weeks ago when i went to matts house for the night. one of many nights of removing ourselves from reality, loud music, lots of food, video games, and anything highly entertaining

i dreww this guy around a joint i was rolling. he knows whatsup

now as far as dominoes pizza goes. thin and crispy pepperoni is the only way to go. but i was feeling a bit more adventurous and opted for ‘THE EDGE’ thin and crispy crust, pepperoni, and sundried tomatoes. and egg.

i was devostated at the fact that ‘THE EDGE’ and ‘thin and crispy’ were not compatible, theres no way they could have put the toppings all the way to the edge on a thinner based pizza, thats just physics. so it was just a normal sized base. also that they had thrown shitloads of rubber rings/olives on for kicks.

BUT! i was extremely overjoyed at the face that one or two eggs had been (mistakenly?) dropped into the bottom of the pan, so half the pizza had egg all over the base…this was epic. words cannot describe.

we then retired to the bedroom to listen to some dirty beats, play forza 3, and eat more anonymous food


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