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mx41 murder


my god. need to start posting more car stuff Advertisements

boxing day


went up to yanchep, to yeti’s place drinks happened, cricket followed smiles occured lazyness  played a major role food was eaten coats were worn and drinks continued to get drunk

at christmas, drinks were drunk.

fml. forgot to check up om a pair of 15×8.5-20 ssr mk1’s i was keeping an eye on…sold for only 18,000 yen! 😦 reminds me of the time i forgot to bid on these 15×9-13 (5 stud!!!) longchamps  could have had them for 27,000 yen 😦 then there was the pair of 15×9-27 5 stud […]

from the first ever ebisu matsuri g1 gp. this is truly mind warping stuff!! gonna be hard to get over this.

trying to push car + flat tyre + in gear + 35 degree day + concrete + old volleys =

gwilym davies


a new idol of mine is the 2009 world barista champion, gwilym davies. hes been making coffee for 11 years, started in new zealand on a working visa when he ran out of money, then moved back to london to discover absolutely zero coffee culture. spent alot of time in different cafes trying to find […]