if only i could get paid to browse auctions…

skyline wagon..yeah

i love this model..i beleive it was nicknamed the datsun ‘makes me want to sell my silvia alot’ b122

im really loving this style of rim lately, these would be heroic on a jzx100/110 i reckon..18×10+43 though…spacers etc

albeit comparitively mild…for $20,000 AUD id happily import a rauh welt 911

now…wtf. as if brabus made 100mm 180sx rear fenders..


so i saw a video of a swedish drag racing meet from the 1970s on some website (sadly, i forget which one – it was awesome) and thus promted the youtube search “vintage burnouts”

18/19 stagger


this quote of haraguchi’s, is taken from feb 2009 issue of drift tengoku:

“last year [2008] it was pretty popular to have drift cars with 18s up front, 19 in the back”

these pictures were from 2004 doriten, wot a mad cunt!

considering the mixed yet mainly negative views on 18/19 people have nowadays, wonder what people thought of it back then

lazyness, job


lol been so lazy lately, too much going on.

got new job at mates restaurant, restaurant closed down.

girlfriend moved in, then moved back home.

started uni again, quit uni.

got new job at an amazing place, loving it..here it is

i actually studied it in my design course last year. its hard to describe how my i feel the place is awesome, because its not just some funky restaurant, or some place with amazing food/brilliant design/ground breaking philosophy/an incredible staff – it is all of that..and it feels great to be apart of it


well following what happened, i never ended up getting engineering done. it seemed like to big of a headfuck as there was no solid information availiable about it. it could have costed $200 – $4000, shitness.

but the icing on the cake was the fact that the DPI had just brought in a law which stated any car being inspected that ‘appears to have engine/modifications ‘ will have to go through this bullshit emmissions test – the IM240. brand new, completely stock cars failed this test. it costs a shitload (even if u dont pass) government didnt pay for shit (even though they said they would build a facility for tests like these)….long story short it was complete cuntshit that was actually scrapped because they brought it in without thinking about it..

so in june 09 i pussied out and bought an sr20

it was an s14 sr20 already in an s13 front cut, heavy duty clutch and some other small shit.

i really wanted to have a crack at putting it in, but had no space to do it, so i payed some guy who does cashies like $500 to put it in i think. t

hen for some reason it  has taken me up until a couple of weeks ago to actually send it of to the tuners to get properly wired up and running haha.

so the last few weeks ive been doing things like wiring up my speedo, tacho, changing the plugs, getting stock diff etc etc etc to get it ready to be relicenced. kind of enjoying it too, havent worked on my car like this since back in december 08

was gonna be one of the first things i was gonna do here but got a bit lazy. pretty much taken from my build thread on ns.com

in 2007 around september or so was when i picked up this bad boy. first silvia ive owned, bought with the intention to have a very quick, very good handling car to make me smile, and get into drift. picked it up a bit rough round the edges, dents/scratches on most panels. but i didnt care about looks and was just keen for something quicker than my 84 volvo 240.

How i bought it

specs at purchase

– rb20det

– ebay special to4e (with fucking huge rear housing)

– tial 38mm external gate

– stainless high mount manifold

– 2.5″ straight through, with end muffler

– turbosmart bleed tap

– gtr injectors

– walbro fuel pump

– pwr intercooler and custom piping

– koyo triple core radiator and nismo thermostat

– twin 10″ thermo fans

– chipped ecu

– jic gold coilovers

– cusco rear strut brace

– veilside andrews 17×10 +38 rear 17×9.5 +43 front (with 25mm front spacers)

–  bride brix drivers seat

– cusco handbrake cover

– omp steering wheel

– hkb boss

– defi gauges

first nite i had it i got out to pump tires. went to start it up again and…no start. long story shorter, i got an rac mechanic round, and crazily enough he knew the original owner and had worked on the car a few years back  . turned out one of the ecu plugs had been kicked out and car was running in safe mode, overfueled hard and fouled the plugs. good first lesson that made me say ‘here we go’.

took it to a silvia dyno day and ran about 260hp at 15psi. little lower than expected but it was running a very basic tune.

first thing that happened was a very dodgy sand/cut/spray job of the front bar. and nightshaded the indicators/rear lights just a tad

 and because my suspension was scaryily rooted, fairly new coils were picked up second hand. hks hyper d’s 9kg fronts 7kg rears

did some skids (sorry shit sound and image)

then put in some locally made rear camber arms, dumped it a bit and got an alignment. learnt how underated a proper alignment is.

picked up a ca lip for $20 too

 the car was still running a very basic tune at this stage. so i bought a greddy profec eo-1 boost controller to replace the bleed valve, got a nistune installed and tuned and managed a 305hp@18psi (dyno said 18, boost controller set to 19, boost guage said 21)  the tuner said in response to test driving the car ‘that is the laggiest fucking turbo ever!!’ and ‘you cant drift this.’

haha took it down to a drag night after the tune. due to wiring issues car died just b4 scruteneering, but mates and fellow silvia lads came together and managed to get it running b4 the night was over. ran a 12.777 at 114.94 mph on my 4th ever run! with a 2.26s 60 foot

 a few weeks later a small, poorly placed pole hit my car. snapped a tie rod and made a nice dent on the fr fender, but managed to drive 3km to a mates house in the wet with 1 wheel steering. this was a very good excuse to buy ikeya formula tie rods.

whilst i was down there i thort smashing on some 32gtr brakes would be a nice touch

then next weekend i spotted a t3 flanged gt2530 selling for unppassuppably cheap so it was mine.

then i wanted to make the car look badass, so i painted some shit black and threw on a custom light setup (yes, the lights on the left are slightly different to that on the right, but this has since been fixed)

weeks b4 christmas things got awesome shit. copped a yellow, car isnt regoed with the rb. dam. i generally had way too much on my mind and too much going on in pretty much every facet of my life at this stage and the icing on the cake was white smoke of failure pouring out the exhaust on the way to the pits. i had managed to get the gt2530 on (put it on as its less defectable – ext gate, hard dose) but ran it without water lines. so car was pulled of the road and will be until these happen 1) turbo is rebuilt (currently getting done) 2) car has engineering for engine and 5 stud conversion 3) everythings tidied up and stock shit thrown on and taken over the pits but im over thinking about what needs to be done, and have gone back to what i want ot be done. so im possibly buying new rims. pending shipping costs, i could have some very aggressive *milkshakes* to make me happy.

probly should make a post about my car, but here it is, running for the first time in 14months. happy happy times